Ep. 20: #ReclaimTheBasement (Live Recording from PAX South 2018)

In the golden age of massively multiplayer online games like Overwatch and Destiny, why are some players choosing to go it alone? Is it a radical act of self-care, anti-social tendencies, an effect of online harassment, or something else? Take a break from Gaming Broad(cast)’s regularly scheduled programming and tune in to this special LIVE recording of a Gaming Broad(cast) moderated panel, “Reclaiming Basements in a Multiplayer Era: Why We Game Alone”. Join Andrea Ayres (Lemonsucker Games) and Ian Danskin (Innuendo Studios), as well as the main broad herself, JD Mallindine, at PAX South 2018 to explore the social and psychological reasons players are reclaiming their alone time and what that means for the state of gaming. Don’t forget to check out #ReclaimTheBasement on Twitter to see what the community had to say about gaming alone!

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Ian Danskin is a New England media artist and video essayist. He makes videos about games and web culture on his YouTube channel, Innuendo Studios.

Andrea Ayres is a founder and the head writer at Lemonsucker Games. She also writes about politics and representation in pop-culture and beyond. She enjoys coffee, cats, and phasing between inter-dimensional realities.

Jayme Dale is founder and main broad at GamingBroadly.com, a website about playing thoughtfully, thinking playfully, and learning what playfulness can teach us about being human.

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JD (Moderator)
Website: GamingBroadly.com
Twitter: @JayDeeCepticon
Instagram: @JayDeeCepticon

Andrea Ayres (Panelist)
Twitter: @missafayres
Instagram: @afad435
Website: Ayresdeets.com
Lemonsucker Games: lemonsuckergames.com

Ian Danskin (Panelist)
Twitter: @InnuendoStudios
Youtube Channel: Innuendo Studios
Patreon: Innuendo Studios
Tumblr: InnuendoStudios


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